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New feature request: "Since you've read/posted to this thread, yu might be interested in:"

foreverhungry | Sep 20, 201506:02 AM     4

In general, I don't mind the new site look. It has a more social media feel and designed for mobile, which is where the world is going.

A couple of suggested improvements:
On a recent thread in the Minneapolis/St. Paul forum, on the upper right there show 3 LA threads, one updated 3 months ago under a banner that reads "more posts from my_annoying-opinions". That feature I'm not a fan of. Many posters post on many different cities, which is less relevant for most people reading a thread on a specific city. Taking up real estate by showing people in MSP threads about LA restaurants is useless.

A possible substitution for this that would be more relevant for readers of a thread is something like "since you've read/posted to this thread, you might be interested in these:" which uses logic to suggest stuff for you based on what you've read and posted on (e.g. Amazon, which is very useful).

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