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Feature I would like

marcia2 | Apr 12, 2008 02:05 PM

I wish that when I'm looking at a board, it would show which ones I've already got marked as favorites. It would save me rereading threads with generic titles and new posts that I've already saved as interesting and that I'm following somewhere else.

For instance, I have a trip to Cape Cod coming up in late August. For the past several months, I every so often go to the New England board and look for new posts about Cape Cod. Anything that's useful, I mark as a favorite and will go back and look at again closer to the trip, so I can get the benefit of the accumulated wisdom. Generally, I can't tell from the title whether or not I've already looked at it, as so many titles are so similar and it may have been a month or more since I stopped by the board. It would be nice if I knew which ones are already in my list.

Similarly, on my "home" board, the tristate area. There must be 6 zillion threads about, say, pizza. When I see a useful one, I mark it as a favorite. I don't need to reread it every time there's a new post, I already know it's there and will look at it from my favorites when we're thinking pizza. But I'd like to read new threads.

Can we get this?


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