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Fear of green market foods - homemade sold at the market

smartie | Nov 9, 201103:30 PM

We have a few green markets back now that it's season here in South Fl and I have talked to a few people about how terrific the mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, home churned butter, organic eggs, home made yoghurts, breads, cakes, grass fed meats, fish etc are and some have said they wouldn't buy those goods at market because there's no way of knowing if the containers are sterilized or who checks their kitchens and processes. One friend said she would be scared to eat the yoghurt and would rather buy it at the supermarket.

I buy these kind of items all the time and have never suffered any kind of stomach bug but I know there is a fear of no sell by dates and 'safety' checks. I have said that you can get sick from supermarket dairy foods and meats anyhow but these people cannot be swayed.

Anybody else feel nervous?

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