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Your favourite carb substitute?

carriej22 | Feb 17, 201408:26 PM

We have been trying to eat healthier here; and while we do eat about 95% whole foods; but we (my husband and I) love our bread and pastas. I often make both myself; however we are getting older (Hubs turns 30 next month!) and we are definitely noticing that the carbs are starting to stick with us a lot longer than we would like.

I have tried some things; and I am having a hard time finding replacements. I have tried things like chickpeas, lentils, rice based pasta, gluten free flours for breads/baking, things like celery root instead of potatoes (yack!).

I am really struggling, as I can't seem to force myself to like any of those things. It is very hard to stick to something when you don't like it; and we are not so much focused on being "gluten free" (as we have no reason to be, we have no allergies) we are just interested in cutting carb intake.

I feel like without the carbs I am starving; and the veggies/protein just isn't staying with me, and it does seem to upset my stomach quite a bit.

Anyone have any suggestions? Particularly for a bread and pastas as they are the guilty pleasures.

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