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my favorite saute pan won't fit in our new oven


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my favorite saute pan won't fit in our new oven

kdevine77 | Apr 26, 2007 06:26 PM

My husband and I are about to move into a new apartment with a smaller oven (24" wall oven) than we currently have. The problem is that I do a lot of range-top-to-oven cooking, usually in my 12" tri-ply stainless saute pan, and that pan is big! From loop to handle tip, it barely fits in our current (standard, standalone) oven.

I don't want to use a smaller pan than 12" because I don't want my food to be too crowded to brown properly, and I'm a little concerned about using a pan with just loop handles because of the spatter (usually I'm browning at a ferocious heat on the range before roasting in the oven).

Can anyone recommend either a good stainless tri-ply saute pan with a shorter handle or some other kind of cookware that will go from range top into a small wall oven?

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