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I'd like your favorite sandwich recipe and your least favorite food ingredient.

iL Divo | Jun 10, 200811:07 AM

I love sandwiches. Don't know why but I do. I have favorites, that I'll list. Not necessarily in order though, then you list yours and why.

Grilled cheese, regular sliced American cheese on white sandwich bread=comforting.
BLAT, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato with mayo, salt+pepper, on Jewish deli rye=delicious.
Roasted turkey [from the real bird sliced] on sourdough with mayo on one slice butter on the other slice, salt+pepper, swiss cheese=very tasty.
PBBS, peanut butter and dark brown sugar on wheatiest whole grain bread available=horseback riding memories.
Breaded pounded thin chicken breast, fried, with slices of cranberry sauce, swiss cheese slices, crisp lettuce, home made 1000 Island dressing on croissant=wonderful creation.
PBLGS, peanut butter and Lyle's Golden syrup on home made white sandwich bread, sliced very thin=childhood.
Ingredients I don't like [or] think are trendy today [but who knows why] that I won't or don't use or think are awful. I don't know what all the hype is about. You list yours.

Fennel, what's the big deal about this stuff? Love licorice/anise/basil, but fennel, I don't get. I don't want to get and I don't see what all the hoopla's over.
Escargot, it's snails for crying out loud. Why would anyone knowingly put that in their mouth. Plus they rob me of my vegetables in my garden and I detest the little buggers.
Celery salt, I love celery but think it's very overpowering even in little amounts. Don't know why people would put it in a recipe when you can just drop a stalk in then pull it out when the stew or chicken broth or whatever is finished. The flavor imparted the bite, isn't. So why add celery salt to anything, I don't get it.

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