Your favorite Le Creuset color


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Your favorite Le Creuset color

foiegras | Dec 30, 2009 02:02 PM

I have red (Flame I guess?) and Dune--Dune is my favorite of what I have.

But I just got my Sur la Table catalog showing the new Cassis (shaded eggplant) and OMG is it gorgeous!! Also Lilac, which is more lavender. Apparently these are new LC colors that SLT has an exclusive on in the US.

My kitchen colors are jadite green and red, and there are also yellow and deep blue elements inherited from the previous owners. Cassis would be gorgeous in my living room (not much call for enameled cast iron there unless I start cooking in my fireplace ...), and would utterly clash in my kitchen. C'est la vie ...

What's your favorite LC color?

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