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What's Your Favorite Korean Popsicle?


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What's Your Favorite Korean Popsicle?

Danimal n Hustler | Jun 4, 2007 07:02 PM

If ya'll haven't had the pleasure of tasting some of Korea's summer delectables, ya'll are in for some palate-pleasers.

I for one have an undying love for Screw Bar, Jaws Bar, and Watermelon Slice.

Screw Bar: Strawberry flavored pink and white swirl on a stick with a red inside. Use to be known as Screw 300 when it use to cost 300 Won each...

Jaws Bar: shape of a shark, purple grape flavor outside with a blood red strawberry flavor inside.

Watermelon Slice: looks like an actual piece of watermelon slice but on a stick, red on the top and green on the bottom, has chunks of chocolate watermelon seeds.

What are some of your favorites?

BTW you can find the Screw and Jaws Bar at the major Korean markets... as far as Watermelon, it's being phased out even in Korea.

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