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Favorite Domori chocolate?


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Favorite Domori chocolate?

rworange | Mar 27, 2006 12:36 AM

Stuck in stop & stop traffic for 45 minutes, to amuse myself I read the little pamphlet that came with the 100% cacao Domori bar.

That little insert was like an owners manual to eating the chocolate bar.

These people are serious about chocolate. I was so impressed by section about how to taste chocolate I looked over the website.

Domori controls all parts of chocolate from plantation to chocolate shop. The site below has pictures of every step of the process.

There are beautiful pictures of the cocoa pods ... didn't know they looked so different. It is in the HSJ (Hacienda San Jose) section, the 'Role" link.

You can see the beans being dried (sun drying is preferred to artifical methodsm. Who knew there were artificial methods?), fermentation, production, etc ... all with pictures. Never knew all the steps of turning the pod into the choc-o-late and eating it all up.

The 100% cocoa is interesting. If you search for Puro, there is more about it. I agree with the tobacco taste. Really nice mouthfeel. Very acidic. More elegant and flavorful than baking chcolate ... which I assume is 100% cocoa, right?

Anyway, tons of info on the site, that is consise and to the point and beautifully illustrated with pictures.

Would be interested in other opinions and suggestions on Domoni.


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