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Favorite Chowhound frills and questions


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Favorite Chowhound frills and questions

rworange | Jun 27, 2006 10:06 PM

OK, the new software NEEDED a decent search engine so that wasn't a frill but a necessity. However there's stuff that Chowhound didn't need to do at start-up, but make the new site even more of a pleasure.

1. My favorite frill is "Overheard on the Boards".
2. I LOVE on-line Chow News Check it out and scroll down for reasons why.
3. Love the features section too.

What do you like that wasn’t necessary but makes the site more fun or informative?


1. Will there be official archives of Chow News?

2. Will changes to Chow News be weekly on Friday like the email?

3. When Chow News once again is sent out via email, will there be a big first email that has all the articles in email form from the launch of the new software?

4. Will the older archives from the old server ever be available in an archive?

5. Like Chow News does the Chowhound team select and flag topics OVERHEARD ON THE BOARDS? Or is it just a random selection?

The reasons for the questions are at the bottom. I really don’t expect an answer since the Chowhound Team is busy and these are low-pri questions, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you never subscribed to Chow News, scroll down a paragraph and read about all the reasons why it is wonderful and you should check this section on the board.

Otherwise the rest is me blathering on why I like the above. In the old board this would have (Long) after it.


Part of what I loved about hot posts was that scrolling down the boards, some topic I'd never think to read on some board I don’t frequent would catch my eye. I've learned a lot that way.

Overheard on the Boards serves that same purpose, and maybe even better since the topic stands out and I might have missed it. I see something like 'Onion rings?' and click on it because I'm curious what that's all about.


If you never subscribed to Chow News in the past I HIGHLY suggest checking it out. I can't BEGIN to tell you how useful it has been over the years.

- There's phone numbers and addresses of restaurants listed.
- There's a link to an interactive map if you need more help
- Significant links that are imbedded within a post are listed ***
- Instead of having to read a whole thread the highly talented and entertaining Chowhound editors summarize the important points.

*** Using an example from the recent Chow News, in a long post about Brazilian snacks, there is a link to pictures of Brazilian snacks with explanations. The Chow News pulls this info out of the post for your convenience. In the past, if a poster had an outstanding image in their post, Chow News would put that image link at the end.

I read the whole SF baord daily, yet each week Chow News would pick up and summarize something that I guess didn’t catch my attention the first time. It was that great summary that did it.


That was always there, but putting it at the bottom of the page calls attention to it. Someone said they wanted a chance to respond to features at the bottom like blogs, but IMO, if someone is interested in discussing a feature they can post about it on the appropriate board and link to the feature. The only problem I have with the section is the word feature. Articles, reports anything else.


I was disappointed when the first Chow News on-line articles were replaced with new articles since I didn’t see an archive of past issues.

I figured out that I could play with the post number to get back the first issues. Will those always be available? Otherwise I will cut and paste in Word to keep article information I want to preserve.

I know a lot of the info in the old emailed Chow News is dated, but a good deal of it is still valid and gives nice little summaries. It is like the features section. Some of those trip reports may have been dated, but sometimes it was the ONLY information about a part of the world on the web. On Friday while the switch was on, I personally saved them for my own info when I saw they weren’t on the new site. Some of that stuff is still great and relevant and was unique on the web.

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