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Your Favorite Bakery...

Shanab | Mar 18, 200801:39 PM

In the Pacific Northwest...Who is your favorite bakery, what do they specialize in and where is it? (And whats your favorite?!) If they have a website, please post.

I cant come up with a good answer myself! In Federal Way I love the slices of "Heavens Delight" at Carmens Bakery. The Heavens Delight is a light thin slice of an almond based caked possibly with a light fresh almond creme inbetween all the layers, very fresh, light, yet crisp and cakey!.

For cakes (they sell by the slice or whole) and other baked goods my favorite so far...is the Black Bird Bakery, Winslow Way on Bainbridge. The baked goods and even lunch are top-notch! The earlier you arrive the better, they get crowded come noon time! NOTE** They do not take credit cards, so bring cash or check. This place is a MUST TRY!

Living in Port Orchard I regretfully must say that the Morning Side Bakery gets a negative. Prior to expanding they had some great donuts, but not too much else. Still have wonderful honey bran muffins, but dry or tastless cakes...you can get a pretty cupcake now and then, but you will pay for it, and it wont be anything rememberable! Ive spent a ton on cake, each one was topped with overly hard fondant, and the cake was terrible tasting...dry and you couldnt actually taste the flavor of the cake, vanilla or chocolate...just odd, bad aftertaste! When we recently had a "Welcome Baby" and a "Grad Party" a 1/3 of the chocolate cake was eaten and nearly all of the vanilla cake was tossed aside; cake, fondant, filling and all was just not quality, and also dry. The young couple do work hard at trying, but I really think they just need some feedback. One morning there was a lady in there looking over the donuts, she asked what happened to the donuts and the Bakers wife said, "This is a bakery, not a donut shop."

For pink Champagne, I will always go to McGavin's in Bremerton on Callow.

My point here, I want to know a great bakery who does it all! I do like the specialty places too, such as; http://www.cupcakeroyale.com/ and http://www.trophycupcakes.com/ . Can you tell me which is best between the two for cupcakes? Or do you have a better one.

Thank you!

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