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fava beans, Sicilian style?


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fava beans, Sicilian style?

Tom Meg | Apr 26, 2003 11:43 PM

I sent back a appetizer dish of shrimp and favas at a trendy little Italian restaurant in Manhattan last night because the beans, although 'fresh', were quite mature and unpeeled. The restaurant manager, who was Italian, argued that the dish was authentically Sicilian, that she had never heard of peeling favas, and that the skins contained lots of healthful fiber. I couldn't argue with any of her assertions, but I still sent the dish back because to me the skins were too thick and unpleasantly leathery (scratching my esophagus as I swallowed), and the beans were mealy, overcooked and flavorless. Do Sicilians (or any people) really enjoy favas like this?

I was proud of myself at the time for standing my ground with her, but now I'm paranoid that I might have failed to appreciate the unique appeal of some rare and authentic Sicilian 'way' with favas.

Any thoughts?


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