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Help with Father's Day Pork Shoulder Menu


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Help with Father's Day Pork Shoulder Menu

LMK | Jun 16, 2017 08:24 PM

I'm feeling defeated trying to plan a menu around a large, 8.5 pound pork shoulder. I decided to make our Father's Day dinner for 10 easy this year with pulled pork since it can be made in advance and just heated through before serving. I hoped to have an entirely or almost entirely make ahead menu so that I could use my stove top as a buffet (covered with pizza stones), as I have no other available space.

The problem is that I just don't like southern food a whole lot and for that reason nothing is sounding good to me to make for side dishes, nothing is grabbing me. I somehow didn't realize how little southern food appeals to me. I don't hate it, I just don't like it enough to say "oh that sounds great!" when browsing recipes. I also like to vet recipes, see some reviews and notes before making and I'm running out of time at this point.

I planned on using a Virginia Willis recipe for Spicy Carolina Pork Shoulder which you can see here http://blog.virginiawillis.com/2010/0...

In the book there is a variation where instead of cooking the braising liquid down into a thicker sauce you add 4 cups of chicken stock and some bourbon and only cook down a little bit, making a "tomato bourbon jus" to spoon over the pork. I am considering both versions. I assume the basic version is meant to be served on sandwich rolls? I don't know what would go with the tomato bourbon jus version, but it seems like I could go outside the realm of southern?

Any suggestions?

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