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Fat guy with ans expense account that is sometimes on TV


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Fat guy with ans expense account that is sometimes on TV

JB BANNISTER | Apr 18, 2014 08:00 AM

It is getting tot he post where often I am getting for removed for being a friend of the restaurant. I recently got this one "Hi, JB,
We've previously emailed you about posting about places where you're not just an anonymous diner, and it seems like Seven Sows is one of those places where you're a friend of the house.
Can we ask that you take a look at our guidelines for insiders ( ) and remember to stick to factual posts when talking about those businesses.
We know that with your event you're probably making a lot of friends in the industry, and we understand this restriction can be limiting, but we really think it's best when the opinions on Chowhound come from ordinary diners, rather than friends of the restaurant.
Jacq" I had met this Chef 2 maybe 3 times personally. I meet almost ever chef where I eat from fine dining to hot dog carts. It is who I am.

I do A LOT research on this site but it is becoming to combersome to deal with. Am I the only only one having this problem? I am scared to even answer questions that people ask me.

I may just go somewhere else. But where?

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