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During the fat free craze of the late eightys and 90s, did drs diagnose high cholesteral differently?

krissyafite | Jun 5, 201512:03 PM

I havent had my cholesteral checked in years but when I was in my 20s, during the fat free craze, once my cholesteral tested high. Everybody in my family made a big deal about it, even though actually it wasnt technically high, itcwas borderline. Luckily my mom didnt make too much of an issue of it but everybody else was like you have to stopbesting cheese and this and tgat. Meanwhile, I wss very thin, ate reasonably healthy and exercised. I think it was from eating before the test. I got a list fro the dr and it was like no eggs, no cheese, no full fat milk no red meat (which Ibdidnt eatbmuch of) and I was like are they kidding. So I still ate what I wsnted but in moneration but was extra careful not to eat too many eggs but I still ate them and I made sure no matter how busy I was I made time to exercise. My mom tried to sell mevon that brummel and brown stuff but that actually has trans fats which is worst(but less calories)and i still used butter, but i did like tge fruit flavored brummel and brown. The next time, my cholesteral was fine, but tge fat free craze was over by tgen. Now, Ibstill tryvto eat healthy but I do eat and egg or two every other day and I do still eat full fat dairy. Im still not a meat eater, but once in a while I eat a cheese burger. So Im afrsid of getting my cholesteral checked cause i dont like getting lecured by drs. So Im hoping theyve maybe changed how they disgnose cholesteral.

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