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Who's fat?


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Who's fat?

The Loaf | Jan 11, 2003 09:25 PM

OK, I admit it. My clothes don't fit the way they did once. I'm 40 and pretty fit, I think. But, man, do them clothes seem tighter. Maybe it's age... BUT maybe it has more to do with food, and my interest in cooking. Over the years, as this one time interest (now serious hobby/avocation/part-time job) has progressed, my weight seems to have progressed right along with my passion. Is this the only way? How do you stave off the pounds, and incorporate the experience of cooking--and ultimately eating?

Anybody got any secrets? Tricks up their sleeve? Or should I just give in, stop feeling guilty, and realize this is just part of the price we pay?

I guess, what I'm hoping is that y'all can make me feel better. Thanks.

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