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Fast Food Pet Peeve: breaded potatoes and fries

donw9876 | Jan 6, 200802:44 PM

The one development in chain restaurants and fast food places that I realized recently that I honestly detest is the breaded french fry. I simply won't order fries at certain restaurants. (Burger King and Captain D's, as two examples.) And I always feel betrayed when I get the freaking things. I usually negotiate some other side, like macaroni or even green beans.

When you add the element of the curly fry, which somehow seems to enhance the thickness of the breading, then you are talking more "fried bread thing with potato added" than french fry.

Why on God's green earth does something as tasty, healthy and pure as a potato require a leaden, gloppy, artificial layer of breading and seasoning to soak up more grease?

Seasoned fries are marginally OK. At least the mouth feel of the potato is there. Applebee's tests the limits of excessive seasoning, and sometimes crosses it.

All I can figure is that the average consumer thinks "more is better" - and also cost - the breading may make a certain quantity of fries go farther because the breading puffs out, so it's cheaper than just frying potatoes.

McDonald's fries are regarded as among the best in fast food and they are as simple as can be. Potatoes fried in oil and lightly salted. Perfect.

I just don't get it.

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