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Does Fast Food Really Make People Fat?


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Does Fast Food Really Make People Fat?

CodyJWRobinson | Jul 30, 2014 01:04 AM

Does McDonald's Really Make People Fat?
I Think the question I meant to ask was…. Do guns kill people? Or do people kill people? My response would be that people kill people. So why do people blame fast food chains for selling large value meals? Better question why would the government regulate the amount of food we can purchase at one time (like New York city making a law about the amount of soda sold at a time). Are we sheep that are incapable of making our own decisions? Should we look to the government to regulate everything down to what we eat?

Or, should we act like adults and admit that obesity is something we can control (at least to an extent) and claim some kind of responsibility for our own actions instead of blaming good in your face advertising. I walked into a gas station one day to hear an attendant stating that “McDonald’s should stop selling large meals because it’s making people fat”. To be honest I had too many mean things to say to this woman to open my mouth about what I thought about such an ignorant statement. People need to admit that THEY THEMSELVES control their actions, not some outside source that some may let control their lives. I for one wouldn’t let the government tell me I can’t order a large coke, or let a corporation “decide” for me what I will do. I have yet to figure out how to combat ignorance of such nature, but if you do, please let me know…

I do have a website with a few recipes if anyone would like to check it out. I won’t force you to look though. Ha!!!

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