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Farmers market line ettiquite


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Farmers market line ettiquite

DGresh | Jun 7, 2014 06:21 AM

This was a new one for me. There's a popular fish stand at the one I go to; usually a line. Today I arrived in line, there were 3 people ahead of me, plus two "Shopping Bags" after the last folks in line. I stood behind the bags. Just as the line moved up to the point where I really needed to move up, I stepped around the bags. Immediately a woman comes over and says "Oh these were my bags", picks them up and sets them down in front of me, kind of wedging herself into that spot as well. I shrugged and didn't say anything. It seems to me that once I'd stepped around them, she should have left them where they were and gotten behind me (though honestly I think the whole idea of saving a space in line is just plain wrong and she shouldn't have done it to begin with).

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