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delys77 | Jun 24, 2013 03:19 PM

Hi all

I made my second trip to the summer market in the West End this past weekend and I have to say I was a little let down. I am an off and on farmers market type, since I do see value in purchasing from reputable local sources and the support it lends to local business. That said, I find I get sticker shock when perusing the market sometimes.

I have read several of Michael Pollan's books and I recognize that cheap food isn't really cheap, that we are paying for it in a multitude of other ways. Also I understand that most North Americans spend a far smaller proportion of their budget on food than people do in other developed parts of the world.

That said, this weekend I looked at stall after stall that carried lovely heads of garlic for $3 a piece. Very small zucchini that were $1.50 each. Even the local strawberries, which I agree are lovely this year were about twice the price of local strawberries I found at Kin's on Davie Street.

I always here from American Chowhounds on this site about the great deals they are getting at farmer's markets and it seems to me that the Vancouver equivalent is a different sort of beast.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the topic.

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