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Doing the Farmer's Market - ALLOF IT!! Pt. 4: Magee’s Nuts, Bob’s, Mr. Marcel, Little Johns and the PROOF!


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Doing the Farmer's Market - ALLOF IT!! Pt. 4: Magee’s Nuts, Bob’s, Mr. Marcel, Little Johns and the PROOF!

Dommy | Jul 21, 2006 06:47 PM

ACK!!!! Blame Sweeps, Finals, World Cup, Moving, Vacationing Co-Workers The voices in my head... blah... blah... But I was just starting a new post for Home Cooking and found I hadn’t posted this FINAL report of our great Farmer’s Market Challenge yet!! Appoligies to the attendees and for those left hanging, I’ll make it up to you by giving you a special treat... the proof!!

Since it was so long ago, here’s links to our past three reports...

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And now we start our last post properly... with the savories... and DESSERTS!!

Mr. Marcel Gourmet Market:

* Olive Sampler: I know what you are thinking, not many people would consider Mr. Marcel a destination at the market. They are over priced and their café serves pretty standard fare. However, the fun part of the overall Farmer’s Market experience is that it’s like going for a picnic. And for me a picnic is just not complete without the Olives and Cheese.

And boy, does Mr. Marcel have Olives!! Priced at 9.99 a lb, my instructions for ordering this was simple... Pick a lb of your favorite. And I was glad the hound that drew this has the same taste as mine... She picked from all over the barrels! Perfect little barely ripe green olives. Big ripe green stuffed with Almond, Shrively salted black ones that melt in your mouth. Beautiful!

* Aged English Cheddar: We got our Olives, now our CHEESE! The instructions were the same, I had the hound pick a lb of a favorite or perhaps have fun sampling and discover a new favorite! Cheeses were priced from $10-24/lb. And we ended up with a Super Aged Cheddar from England was a great match for our group. Flavorful, but not polarizing, not too creamy, but great texture.

* Baguette: Sadly, these did not live up to the expectations. Bready, gummy, I suggest picking crackers for your cheese and olive instead...

Bobs Coffee and Doughnuts:

* 1 Dozen including Apple Fritters, Glazed, Bars, Crumb, & Jelly (~$10): I absolutely adore apple fritters, so I was very excited when this one got drawn! And so it was just right that I was one of the first to crack into the box... However, I admit, I was horribly disappointed. While I wasn’t expecting something to rival the Donutman’s Apple Filled Donut (The king of all apple donuts), I was expecting more apple in my fritter. There was hardly any! And it tasted fairly standard. I detected absolutely nothing special. The other donuts were also a slight disappointment. They were very light and fluffy. Like the Krispy Kreme school. The crumb, another favorite of mine, is a million times better at the donut place across the street from work, Royal Donuts at Centinela and Sepulveda. Substantial, without being too cakey or dry.

Littlejohn's English Toffee House:

* English Toffee ($16.95/lb): This is one the reasons why the Farmer’s Market is still considered one of the cities most chowish destinations. A better fresher toffee I have no had. But in one of the cities greatest chowish mysteries (Along with the In Out Fries Query) is that the chocolate they use to cover it with is rather bad. I think Almond Rocca has better chocolate. Luckily, in this toffee, it’s just an after thought and the carefully buttery toffee more than makes up for it.

* Prailines ($2.35/ea): These were a first for me, and the Toffee is indeed the winner at Little Johns. They were good, large size (about coaster size) but too sweet and a little too grainy.

Magee's House of Nuts:

* All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter ($5.50 small container): Again, one of the best natural butters out there. They churn it SO well that it never separates. The nut flavor is intense. But another great mystery... why don’t they sell it salted!! Grrr... I always have to add a bit of salt to it when I take it home (If I can get to it before SO takes down the whole tub... ;))

T & Y Bakery:

* Challah Loaf (~$2-3): TY bakery is one of the many bakery stands at the market, but this one really stuck out because of the beautiful BIG Loaves of Rye and other hardy breads. The hound that drew this stand came back with a stunning Challah. The Challah was great, not too soft, worked well the peanut butter. They also slice to order at T&Y and probably could do thicker slices for a MEAN French toast. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to experiment with the left overs because eating it fresh was just too good and the loaf did not survive in time for the weekend... :)

And we’re at our final count and made it to 12 Stands and 26 dishes!! Now that’s some hounding and here’s the proof (and this is the picture of just one tables... :)

Thanks so much everyone who participated! I had a wonderful time and now I’m off to plot ‘what’s next! :)


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