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Farm Fresh Eggs - use by date for best flavor/quality?


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Farm Fresh Eggs - use by date for best flavor/quality?

fldhkybnva | May 13, 2013 05:39 PM

I am quite excited to have discovered that a coworker has a farm with free range chickens who is willing to share some eggs. I have never used or even tasted a farm fresh egg and just had a few quick questions about storage. Obviously, they are better when fresher but in general within what time frame do you like to use the fresh eggs before you consider them to be less than fresh and akin to grocery store eggs. I have no idea the process of farm to grocery store egg production and so no real sense of how old the eggs in the grocery store are by the time they are put out for sale. If they are weeks old, I imagine using the farm fresh eggs within the same time frame would be reasonable given that I usually use a dozen eggs within 2 weeks or so but the fresh eggs will be at day #1 vs the grocery store eggs I buy now which are at x number of days old. Any tips that you have or suggestions would be great? I am really looking forward to these eggs and as a recent lover of eggs I think it will be a nice treat for some of my favorite egg dishes.

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