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FAQ: About the Vegetarian and Vegan Board on Chowhound

Jacquilynne | Apr 16, 201202:57 PM

Welcome to the Vegetarian & Vegan board! Use this board to discuss tips for vegetarian/vegan recipes, favorite vegetarian/vegan products, and general topics that are of particular interest to vegetarians and vegans.

For posts that are region specific ("What is the best vegan restaurant in Los Angeles?"), please continue to use the appropriate regional board. But for questions or topics that are relevant to a wider vegetarian/vegan audience, you can start the discussion here.

There will often be natural overlap between this board and some of the topical boards, in particular, the Home Cooking (vegetarian and vegan recipes and cookbooks), Chains (vegetarian and vegan menu options at national chains), and General Chowhounding Topics (vegetarian and vegan food products) boards. In general, posts that would be appropriate both here or on another board will remain where they are started, though with the original poster's permission, we may move some that are likely to get better answers on another board.

If you want responses from two different boards, please try to keep the discussion in one thread. Start the thread on the board you think is the best fit. Then, on the other board, start a thread, but instead of having a separate conversation there, link back to your first thread (just paste the address from the address bar into your post, it will become a link automatically) and ask people to post there.

This board is a place for vegetarian/vegan focused discussion, but it's not a place to discuss the value or merit of these diets ("Are vegan diets unhealthy? What's wrong with eating meat?") Discussion should remain on topic: informative, helpful tips for the vegetarian and vegan Chowhound community.

If you're new to the site, you should also check out our etiquette guidelines at: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/367605

There's a Site Talk thread about this board, if you have any questions about what posts are appropriate here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/844507

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