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FAQ: Guidelines for the Food Media and News Board


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FAQ: Guidelines for the Food Media and News Board

The Chowhound Team | Dec 10, 2012 10:53 AM

If you're new to Chowhound, please check out our Etiquette at:

We try to keep the conversation on Chowhound friendly and flame-free, which hasn’t always worked well on Food Media and News. The nature of the conversation here -- broader issues, TV shows designed to be polarizing -- doesn’t always encourage friendliness.

With that in mind, we’d like everyone to follow a few guidelines:

- No threads that are started purely for the purposes of ranting. A thread titled “I hate Rachael Ray” isn’t likely to be useful. If you want to talk about what happened on a show, that may include some negative opinions, but please don’t start threads only to complain about food personalities you don’t like.
- Strong negative opinions about a contestant’s or host’s personality or appearance should be backed up with some substantial comment on why you feel that way and why it’s relevant. It may be that a contestant on the new season of Top Chef is acting like a jerk, and it’s fine to say that. But please don’t just jump into the thread to leave “Kyle is a jerk” as a throwaway remark. Back up your comments with reference to specific things that happened in the episode under discussion to give them more substance. That will add to the conversation, as well as help to alleviate the feeling that some people are only participating to bash particular personalities.
- Please keep your comments focused on the show and avoid discussing the discussion, or psychoanalyzing your fellow hounds. The conversation tends to go downhill as soon as hounds start making comments that are about their fellow hounds rather than about the show. Statements like, “I don’t know why you even watch the show since you clearly hate it,” or “Everyone who hates Kyle is just jealous because he’s better looking than them,” just raise hackles. Similarly, everyone knows that shows are edited -- unless you have solid reasons to believe that a specific edit is giving a wrong impression, pointing out that things are edited and it might be wrong isn’t helpful. That could be said about any moment in any reality show. Comments telling other posters that their comments were offensive, stereotyping, off topic, or otherwise problematic are also off topic.

If you see posts that you feel don’t meet these guidelines, please flag them for our attention using the ‘Report’ button rather than replying in the thread. We’ll take a look and remove posts if we feel it’s appropriate. We can’t possibly read and keep up with everything on these threads, so we rely on flags to bring things to our attention. Also, it’s always a judgement call, so we won’t always act on every flag.

If you have any questions or comments, please see this thread on Site Talk:

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