FAQ: About the Chowhound Kosher Board


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FAQ: About the Chowhound Kosher Board

The Chowhound Team | Aug 29, 2012 04:42 PM

If you're new to Chowhound discussions, please check out our site etiquette:

This message board is a resource to swap tips about the most delicious kosher chow, not the most kosher delicious chow.

Wider issues of kashruth and certification, important though they are, are off-topic for our narrow scope. If you're not certain a given restaurant passes muster, make inquiries and check up on what type of certification they have and where it's from (if you're so inclined, report that information back to us). But whether certain certifications are reliable or acceptable to certain people is an endless debate, and we ask that you not get into that here. It's not our purview.

One hound may be so "reformed" that leaning kosher means removing the bacon from his bacon cheeseburger, and another hound won't touch a glass of water that's not been blessed by twelve internationally celebrated rabbis. We can all share the real estate of this board and cover the range from "veg-but-let-it-slide" to "glatt extra VSOP". We're not a forum on kosher issues, we're a forum on kosher (and even kosher-style) chow in all its many manifestations. As in the real world, it's every indivual's responsibility to decide what meets her/his needs and restrictions, whatever they are. We expect everyone to be tolerant of varying needs and restrictions and to simply watch out for themselves.

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