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Do you have family/friends who don't appreciate good home cooking?

HighHeels | Apr 22, 201212:30 PM

I am just gonna take a second to vent. I love to cook. I enjoy trying hard things that some people would steer clear of. And I love learning from others, like here. But I have family who just don't care. It drives me nuts. I went to brunch today and got up at 5am today to make homemade macarons. I've made them a couple times before for events with groups I belong to. But wanted to pass them out to family today. So, made 3 types, super colorful and tasty. They turned out just perfect. Wrapped 6-7 in special bags with ribbons and passed them out. Of course I had to explain what they were and a couple people said they would have rather had chocolate chip cookies. WTF? They hadn't even opened them and tried them.
I just don't understand adults who don't like to try new things. It is depressing sometimes to put that much effort into something & feel like it was a complete waste of time when they would have been happy with some sort of pre-made chocolate chip cookies.
Do others on here feel like the hard work to cook for others just isn't worth it sometimes. Are people to used to packaged crap that they don't appreciate home cooking anymore?
I'm not normally this negative, just kinda bummed today.

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