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My Family Doesn't Eat My Cooking

LetsGoGators23 | Feb 25, 201509:43 PM     109

I love to cook. Just today, I made homemade bolognese from Cooks Illustrated, with homemade fresh fettuccine. I am constantly scouring cooking books and the internet to find recipes, I cook almost everything from scratch (including bread) and cooking (and eating) brings me joy on a daily basis.

However, no on in my household appreciates this. My husband could live on grilled chicken breast and multi-grain cheerios, and will in fact cook up 3-4 pounds of it at once and microwave it with a pre-made General Tso sauce and eat it for meals. He will eat what I make, but it considers it unhealthy even when it isn't, and thinks all fat is bad despite evidence to the contrary. He eats no seafood whatsoever, doesn't care for pork or lamb, and will eat dark meat chicken, but mostly begrudgingly. For instance tonight he had a tiny serving of bolognese to appease me.

The rest of the members of my family are small children, so I give them a pass. They scoff at my homemade chicken nuggets and turkey sausage and prefer to eat hot dogs.

My parents are similarly disinterested in what I have to make and have no interest in eating things like Thai curries, or a boneless leg of lamb.

I occasionally do invite friends over, who are always really eager to eat my food. They always say how lucky my husband is, but frankly, he couldn't care less (he is in all other ways an awesome man, so ditching him is out of the question). When I got pasta rollers, he asked what was wrong with the stuff in a box (though he does support my cooking, but he doesn't appreciate it).

Does anyone else face this? I know I cook for me, its my outlet, I'm a stay at home mom now and working with a dough, dicing vegetables, and making reductions takes me to my happy place. But its so hard to not have anyone to share it with. And its really hard to throw out more than I should because no one eats it (I freeze as much as possible).

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