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Falk Review

TraderJoe | Jan 30, 2013 05:05 PM

I received 2 new Falk pieces today so I thought I'd do a quick review. First I'll start with a word of caution. Falk openly says they do not like returns...and they mean it! Even if the volume and weight listed on their web site is incorrect...they are not easy to work with.
I ordered the 2.5 quart sauce pot. It's actually 2 quarts.
Falk appears to be trying to deny responsibility on that by stating that their web site says they round up to the nearest half quart. I can understand rounding up from 2.3 to 2.5 quarts but this is a real stretch since it's about 20% smaller than the listed size by volume or a full half quart. For comparison the 1.9 quart 2.5mm Mauviel sells for $210. Even with the 15% discount I received on the Falk it was over $66 more than the Mauviel that's finished far better! Ouch. (I thought I was paying for a larger pot!)
The pot is also a half pound lighter than Falk lists on their web site.

There are some notable differences between Falk and Mauviel that rarely get mentioned.
One is the handle. Falk says it's cast iron but it looks more like pot metal. I'd not be surprised if the handles are made in China. The handle is literally full of fissures and is a silverish color. There is no lacquer finish on it nor is the handle sealed in any way like the Mauviel Cast iron handles. The interior of the Falk is an unpolished satin SS. If any one thinks Mauviel is harder to keep clean then they have never tried to clean satin SS. Even a smudge is hard to get out.
Falk rivets are tiny. Maybe 1/3 the size of Mauviel.
I also received a 8 quart stock pot from Falk which I like but at this juncture I have very little faith in their product. Any company is only as good as their customer service. From now on I won't be ordering copper from any one other than Mauviel. Falk is way over priced (IMO) for the quality. It really disappoints me to say that as they are the only copper company to support the ACF.

In the photos I'll be using a 2.25 Quart 2mm Mauviel pot which is several years old for comparison against the "2.5 Quart" Falk.
I also received a 3.6 Quart 2.5mm Mauviel this week so I'll get a review of that up soon. ( The Mauviel is awesome! )

First image is to show the height. 2.5 Quart Falk on the Left, 2.25 Quart Mauviel on the right. (both pots are the same diameter)

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