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Falernum et al.


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Falernum et al.

alphanumeric | Feb 9, 2013 10:10 PM

I've got a healthy amount of falernum. Beyond the standard falernum cocktails and the Chartreuse Swizzle, where else can I use it?

In my efforts to clean house tonight, I threw together said falernum and some sweet vermouth and was pretty pleased with the combination. Decided to up the ante and turn it into a full-on cocktail.
The cocktail:
1-1/2 oz gin (Plymouth)
3/4 oz sweet vermouth (Dolin Rouge)
1/2 oz falernum (Paul Clarke's #8)
1/4 oz lime juice
Dash orange bitters (Fee Bros.)

The verdict:
Not bad. I'd up the citrus and switch to a more aggressive base spirit (tequila, agricole, or rye), however it has potential to be enjoyed for reasons other than its status as a non-failure. Anyone adventurous enough to give it a go and share your findings?

And while on the subject of perishable homemades; orgeat and grenadine are warding off vacancy in my refrigerator. Any favorites of yours that use them?

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