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Ezekial Bread

epicure-us | Jun 9, 2002 03:21 PM

Another find in the "healthy meets delicious" category: I've recently reconnected with this bread that my mom used to buy over 20 years ago at Goldbergs (which is where Prana Food is now): Ezekial Bread. It's this pre-sliced whole wheat bread that's been sprouted; none of the grains (they use 5 altogether) have been ground into flour. After the sprouting they add the yeast and create the dough. It tastes like normal bread, but also more like real food. It contains lots of flecks and little chewy pieces of the different grains distributed throughout the bread proper. It has no salt added but I don't miss it (or if you do, you can add a salty topping, filling). The package describes the preparation process in detail and the nutritional benefits (its full of vitamins and the protein is allegedly 'complete') as they put it seem persuasive. The packaging claims that the recipe has been adapted from a biblical passage; reading it I feel I have found the Dr. Bronners of bread.

The best part is that it is just soooooo good. One bite is enough to satisfy you, but at the same time you can easily eat 5 slices. It's best toasted. It really doesn't need any thing on it, but I still love to eat the plain with ghee and cottage cheese. The exceptional cinnamon raisin is even better that way! It's available at the Park Slope Food Coop at Natural Frontier near Gramercy Park.

Have fun.


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