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How do I extract beef tallow?


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How do I extract beef tallow?

plnelson | May 30, 2014 05:38 PM

When I cook bacon I usually only do a few strips at a time, on paper towels in the microwave, and the resulting paper towels emerge soaked with bacon fat, which burns very well. So I save them for the cold months, when I heat my house with a wood-burning stove and use these as firestarters or to supplement the wood fire.

Lately I've been experimenting with with making homemade beef broth which involves roasting vast amounts of beef bones to brown them and cooking them in big pots with veggies and seasoning for a couple of days.

This process produces huge quantities of solid, saturated fat which I end up skimming off and throwing out. But hoping I could use it as fuel I tried lighting it and it just melts. I've tried everything from matches to a blowtorch.

I know that, historically, people used tallow for candles so real tallow must burn. How do I extract a more pure form of tallow from all these beef remains so I can burn it?

Thanks in advance.

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