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Extolling Sentosa (Malaysian) and thanks for the tip!


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Extolling Sentosa (Malaysian) and thanks for the tip!

elvislives | May 21, 2003 06:22 PM

Yet another awesome delivery order last night, combined with recent pondering of all the great tips I've gotten off Chowhound, made me wanna throw this up...

been going to Nyonya for a couple years, and love the place & food, even convinced them to go beyond their range a few times and deliver to me. When I first started checking out this site back in December I noticed a great post on Sentosa (I found out today when I looked back to see who to throw it up, that the post was put up by MRNYC! to whom I gotta send a shout out and THANKS!) . I'd passed the place many times but had not tried yet (so much great food to try so little time :-) Shortly after I saw a post alerting everyone to (which has turned out to be another of my favorite tips found on this site. can't find the original post - but BIG THANKS to whoever put up). anyway - put the 2 together and found that Sentosa delivers to my hood - which began my love affair with Sentosa! so here's what I adore about this place...

Every time I call for delivery the people who answer are so pleasant and friendly (they're always joking with each other). The delivery guys are like tickled by our barking dog and often ask us when we're coming to the restaurant. and we're many blocks north of restaurant but they never get crabby about the distance.

The packaging is always excellent - when you open the bag you pull out a heap of neatly packed cartons of food (each layer has a firm square of cardboard in between to help keep balance to the stack of cartons, sauces containers etc.)

And the food.... is awesome, delicious, and very authentic. We've tried so many things and still have many to explore. Here's some favorite dishes (the first 3 we get every time:-):

- Roticanai - delicious thin crispy pancake with curry sauce (good and spicy, great flavor, chunks of chicken and potato in sauce) and a steal at $1.95 (we have to get one apiece, too good to share)

- Ipoh Bean Sprouts - so good, tiny bit of a very pungent paste in the center of a pile of lighly heated sprouts and served with an excellent sauce of soy and sesame oil on side, that you pour over before eating. I've had these where the sprouts are over done, and loose their white color and turn translucent - but they are always perfectly done at Sentosa. still white and crisp but warm and yummy when they arrive - big serving for $2.25!

- Peanut pancake - one of their huge crispy pancakes folded up many times with ground peanuts and sugar/honey. Too good for wordz!! decadent but not overly rich, once tried - you'll crave and crave.

- Ayam (chicken) Rendang - slow cooked chicken in delicious coconut milk, lemon grass and spicy curry sauce, delicious homey, rich flavor. so tender the chicken falls off the bone.

- Beef Rendang - like a flavorful and somewhat spicy (cinnamon & clove undertone) pot roast. Thick slices in rich sauce that fall apart.

- Nasi Lemak - very flavorful coconut rice served with interesting/tasty items on side - different but really good, satisfying and tasty

- Pork leg with brown sauce - double cooked, so tender, if you have a hankering for a great roast pork dish (ala pernil, suckling, etc.) this is gonna set you right!

- Golden spareribs - really yummy stout chunks of rib cut up with lots of meat left on bone - and them simply deep fried until golden. The meat is super tender and flavorful, about a &0% meat to 30% fat ratio - which is like perfect. Like all their dishes - huge, generous portion.

- Curry Mee - rich curry noodle soup, delicious and huge serving for like $4.50 (2 meals)

- Watercress Belacan - loads of greens in tangy and spicy sauce

- Rice is ordered as side (but it's like .50 cents for a container, or splurge .75 cents for coconut rice) they also have a good sticky rice desert

- They're fried noodle dishes are the only so-so dish we've had here (but I gotta say, huge serving of Pad Thai or Mee Goreng, with like 10 shrimp for $4.95 doesn't draw any real complaints)

- One last tip - if ya like fiery stuff, ask for a couple containers of their soy sauce with chopped hot green chili peppers - it's great on everything.

may not be the best Malaysian in the city - but for us this has been one of the best delivery finds in our 16 years in the LES. we've ordered from them about once a week for a couple months and still look forward to it! dang, I love this site. thanks all.

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