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Can you explain?

OnDaGo | Sep 15, 200905:37 AM

Can you explain why this post on Food and media has not been removed: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/652409

Does it not fall into all of the problems that you discuss in your sticky:

"We try to keep the focus of this site on food, and "rant-fests" don't further that goal. While it's fine to discuss the products and shows featuring TV personalities, we prefer not to host threads that are simply another excuse to bash TV personalities on a personal level.

Since we established this board, there's been a LOT of threads insulting people who host TV cooking shows. We're going to ask everyone to please ease up on the complaint threads. Such threads don't lead anyone to good chow and just end up with a lot of personal and nasty insults (TV hosts are people too!). If someone makes a recipe on TV that looks awful- or great- you're welcome to talk about it here, but if you just want to share your latest peeve, please don't use Chowhound to do it. Thanks."

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