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Expiration Dates

Shiro Miso | Feb 11, 2005 08:35 PM

Just wondering fellow hounds...

Was cleaning out my fridge the other day and found some items we had been consuming after their expiration dates. Cream cheese being one item... (2 weeks gone) and bacon another item. (3 days gone)

How far do you push your food? Do you ever get the feeling the producers use expiration dates as a marketing tool to get you to replace items faster than what is needed? I have to say, the cream cheese was identical in taste and texture to the day I bought it. Granted, it was Philly or something mass produced and probably full of stabilizers and preservatives. The bacon was cured, and tasted fine.

In my defence, I am a new mom and have been a bit too harried to be on top of the fridge inventory - I am usually much more particular about it's contents. But it got me wondering... is 'Best Before' best for us - or the food producers??

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