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Experimenting with Frozen Potstickers

wiselad | Jun 16, 201204:58 AM

I just recently purchased a large bag of frozen potstickers from Costco. The directions instruct the cook to place some oil, the potstickers, and some water into a non-stick skillet, bring it to a boil and then let it simmer covered for 8 minutes before taking the top off and letting the rest of the water cook out to brown.

I decided that I would do a little experiment to see if I could achieve similar or better results with stainless steel. So I followed the directions exactly as written on the package, but substituted a stainless steel pan with the non-stick. Not surprisingly, the potstickers stuck to the pan really badly. Much of the crispy skin of the potsticker was left on the pan and it was a pain to clean it.

I almost gave up on the idea, but then I thought I'd give it one more try, this time bringing the water and oil to a boil first before adding the potstickers. I used this method for both stainless steel and nonstick and achieve the following results:

1. Non-stick pan took a bit longer to boil the water/oil mixture in the pan
2. The potstickers turned out with a slightly crispy skin with little browning
3. There was no sticking to the pan

Stainless Steel:
1. The potstickers turned out with a definitively crispy skin with nicer browning
2. There was only a little sticking, and most of the crispy skin remained intact.

Non-stick really doesn't perform as well as stainless steel. It's slower to heat up and doesn't brown as easy. The only thing it has going for it is it's non-stick properties, which can be adequately duplicated with other pan materials with a little bit of technique.

Attached are some photos. The potstickers on the left are the stainless steel versions. I'm curious to see if others have tried using Stainless steel to cook foods straight out of the freezer and if you were able to achieve decent results?

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