Your experience w/Jade Range or Viking Range, 30 inch, all gas


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Your experience w/Jade Range or Viking Range, 30 inch, all gas

farmersdaughter | Jan 16, 2007 08:22 PM

I am getting a 30" 4 burner pro-style range (all gas, not dual fuel, sealed burners, self cleaning) and have narrowed the choices down to the Jade JBL (not the classic) series (model number RJRG3010A) and the Viking VGSC (model number VGSC307-4B).

I've eliminated Blue Star, Wolf and Thermador for various reasons after research and seeing them in person. I also looked hard at the DCS (which actually has 5 burners), and, while it would be my first choice, it's $4900, well in excess of the Jade and the Viking and I can't see $1000 of value in getting the DCS. BTW, I have been quoted $3999 for the Jade and $4409 for the Viking (SF Bay Area). I have been reading the Garden Web appliance forum but want to hear if any 'hounds have had experiences with either of these ranges, or if there is something hugely important that I'm forgetting in making the decision!

Performance is obviously the most important but I think either of these will perform well, so also would love to hear reliability issues, since the Jade is not a well-known or popular brand as compared to the Viking. I cook dinner 4 or 5 nights a week and have dinner parties 2 to 3x per month, but am not a baker, so oven issues related to precise baking (as opposed to roasting and broiling) are not as relevant to my style of cooking. I know by getting sealed burners I am losing some BTUs but am OK making that trade-off.

Thanks in advance!


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