Expanding My Copper Cookware Collection -- Would Like Your Input!


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Expanding My Copper Cookware Collection -- Would Like Your Input!

CopperNeophyte | Sep 25, 2010 11:21 PM

Greetings, all!

As my name states, I am a neophyte to copper cookware. (I am also new to this site; this is my first post.) Thanks to the members of this site, by reading through the other discussions regarding copper cookware, I learned the answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. Thank you all! Your knowledge on the subject is quite impressive! I hope I will not bore you by posting a few more questions on the subject.

As a preface to my questions, let me say that the other discussions have helped me determine what kind of copper I would like to buy: tin-lined, 2.5 mm (and up) copper, with cast-iron handles, and pigtailed handled lids. As long as the cookware meets those criteria, I am not particularly committed to having all the same brand, or having all new cookware, or all older, used cookware. (I do, however, lean toward older or antique cookware.) Neither, am I particular about which pieces I buy to expand my current small collection – a few pieces I inherited.

My questions, then, are as follows:

When looking at the Mauviel and Bourgeat sites, all I found were pieces lined with stainless steel. Is that all they offer now, or have I overlooked their tin-lined line? If that is, in fact, all they now have to offer, does anyone know of a manufacturer that produces cookware that meet the criteria I describe above?

In another discussion, a member posted this link of a re-tinning shop in Colorado ( that was selling a set of four sauce pans, with lids, that meet my criteria, for what seems to be a fairly good price. Has anyone purchased those pans to know of their quality?

Thank you.

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