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Excuse my stupidity on the subject of coffee - Italian


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Excuse my stupidity on the subject of coffee - Italian

TR | Sep 26, 2002 09:29 PM

A favorite two beans of mine, which I can easily obtain are an Italian and French roast I pick up at Fairway. When I get the two pound bags home, I mix the beans so that when I grind and brew, I'm drinking 1/2 the Italian and 1/2 the French. But sometimes, I drink either the French alone or the Italian alone and most of the time I use a press with these beans but others use a drip.

All ways I drink it, it tastes good to me, although I suppose it can be strong and the more I drink coffee, the stronger I seem to like it.

On to the problem: I had a large party and borrowed someone's huge perc pot -- you know one of those party coffee makers that makes something like 24 cups or so and has a spout on the bottom. I followed directions, but instead of mixing the French and Italian roasts, I only used the Italian.

It wasn't bad, but maybe a tad bit overcooked. Anyway guests - a good number of them my Italian family - told me I did NOT make coffee. They said I made demi-tasse and I served it in the wrong darn cups -- they had me take out the Sambvca.

Did I? Are Italian roast beans demi-tasse? (The grinds sure did look black when wet.)

With all my coffee drinking is it possible I've built up a sort of tolerance to the brown stuff?

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