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Excess water from roasting pork


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Excess water from roasting pork

Howard-2 | Jan 19, 2005 08:22 PM

Last week I roasted a piece of pork pork (I it was like a shoulder or loin roast, something like that) and I noticed something odd in the roasting pan, and I wonder if someone has any ideas what happened.

Normally, when I roast a piece of pork, I notice a certain amount of liquid in the pan, as roasting proceeds. This liquid obviously comes from inside the meat.

Last week, however, I noticed that almost no liquid showed up in the pan.

I made this roast in a city in the West. I live on the East coast. I have a hunch that the release of water has something to do with the meat having been frozen and defrosted before I bought it--because I suspect that a good deal of the meat in this city arrives frozen.

Can anyone offer any ideas, suggestions, etc abojt what's going on here?

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