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Excellent Solo Experience at Nobu Vegas (long)


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Excellent Solo Experience at Nobu Vegas (long)

fresser | Aug 1, 2005 04:26 PM

Because I was taking a midnight flight back east and was on my own after a trip with friends, I had to eat alone. Nobu is hard to get into here, so I figured this was my chance! There was another woman eating alone, so i didn't feel utterly out of place--many of the tables were 4+ tops. My waiter (his name is Brad in case you happen to go, and he's awesome!) explained the Nobu deal to me, but I said I'd knew how it worked, and yeah, being alone made the whole sharing thing impossible. He was super nice about offering to get me half portions of various dishes. I asked about the $100 omakase, he said it was pretty basic. he actually offered to put together a menu for me of top favorites and also to mix it up with some more esoteric stuff. In all, including a $13 martini and a $10 dessert (or was it $13?) it came to $112 and b/c he'd been so nice, i tipped just above 20%. He said if i was wanted more after the first 5 dishes, i could just order more. Since I'd been cycling over 300mi in the previous 4 days...i was Hungry!

I had:
-the black cod miso, how could i not? in the 1/2 portion, it came in lettuce wraps. this was good, but I liked Morimoto's (in Philly)take on this better.
-new style sashimi, which was seared tuna atop a mesclun salad, nothing mindblowing, but tasty.
--two pieces of uni, i love it so i ordered some.
-this other sashimi dish: scallop, sweet as could be! whitefish and salmon. all delicious
--squid pasta with asparagus. wow! this was excellent, i think it had a shiso sauce, can't recall. but very good, tender pieces of squid.
--cucumber sumamano, i just felt like having something cool, it was a little overly rice-wine vinegary, but i liked it.
--lobster ceviche. for $16, this was a little pricey and not really worth that as the portion was on the small side, still, tasty enough, but not memorable for a lobster dish.
--Brad brought me a palate cleanser of mango sorbet atop passion fruit granita, delicious!
--I couldn't resist the bento box dessert of molten chocolate cake and green tea ice cream. I think I should've...b/c the cake tasted rather mass produced, not very special and not quite dark chocolatey enough. green tea ice cream, well, it's just got that chalky taste to it, hard to do this well... course, this didn't prevent me from eating all the cake, but it was certainly nowhere near the better ones i've tried.

The ambience was trying to be pretty cool, music was too loud, but i guess the upside of being alone was that i didn't have to try to shout to my companion! As i said, the service was excellent. the dishes were brought out promptly, but i didn't feel rushed at all. I'd asked a bunch of friends where they'd recommend eating in Vegas, and they all said Nobu, even those who'd eaten in Nobu in NY. So, i figured they must be right and am glad I went. At the end of the day, it's still just sushi and Morimoto's in philly was more adventurous, but then again, Brad did note that you would get more esoteric stuff on the Omakase. I guess I should've gone that route if I'd really wanted to see, but several of my friends had said, it's sushi...and Nobu is known for the fusiony dishes, so go that route. Anyway, great meal, i really enjoyed it!

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