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Excellent Korean cookbook

obermeier | Jul 14, 2005 01:19 PM

For the last few years I've been on a search for a great everyday Korean cookbook that doesn't have a gazillion ingredient recipes and doesn't focus unduly on traditional foods that even Korean housewives are hard-pressed to find time to do.

And I found it! so I'm sharing. The book is called A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes. It's a short book (which is ideal for me not sure about for others), but covers all the basics for everyday cooking: the pickled vegetables, the fried, broiled, steamed, porridge, soups, bap, kimchee. the sauces, etc.

There are both English and Korean names for the hard to find ingredients and even pictures of the ingredients for some of the recipes. She also devotes a little time to explanation of the recipes as well, hence the "cooking notes" title. For example she explains that Korean salt is roasted salt and is less salty than Morton's, or our typical table salt. She differentiates between two types of soy sauce and their uses. She also mentions the use of ground up sesame seeds versus the whole sesame seeds. My only complaint is I wish she'd go into more detail as far as the type of cucumbers or suggested brands for the ingredients.

One tip, which i just found out last night... what they call bellflower root (aka toraji) is labelled platycodon in the markets.

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