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Eve's Enchiladas | King City - Salinas Valley

Melanie Wong | Jun 12, 201611:52 PM    

On my almost annual trips to King City to support my friends riding in the AIDS Life Cycle fundraiser, I like to uncover something new and different each time.

This year our dinner stop was Eve's Enchiladas. It's named after the owner's mother, Eve, who does most of the cooking.

Complimentary chips were served fresh from the fryer. My companions said, "They're hot!" I guess that housemade chips have become such a rarity, they'd never run across sizzling hot tortilla chips before. Sad, because they're the best kind. While these seemed too brown to me at first glance, they were not overcooked and achieved a flaky crispness. The salsa de molcajete was on the mild side but tasty nevertheless.

I was excited to see Pambazo, $5.99, on the menu. I described it as a type of sandwich from Guanajuato that in its classic form is filled with chorizo and potatoes that have been fried together ("choripapas"). Then the round, stale roll is dipped in salsa made with guajillo chiles and griddled on the plancha in the red grease from cooking the chorizo. On hearing this, my friends were eager to try one and we shared it as a starter. The filling was a bit on the skimpy side and the bread could have used more salsa seeping in. The queso fresco was very fresh and milky, so not a bad effort. Here's my account of my first encounter with a pambazo 15 years ago. http://www.chowhound.com/post/taco-tr...

The most interesting plate we tried had a proprietary name I did not record that seemed like a cross between chilaquiles and asada, $12.99. And that's exactly what it turned out to be. Crispy tortilla chips tossed with an exuberant and spicy green salsa were topped with two thin pieces of carne asada on one side and cheese on the other. The carne asada was super, nicely seasoned and seared, and so tender.

Enchiladas Poblanas (3), $12.99, were dynamite. The cheese filling was mostly queso fresco, no yellow cheese here. The thick corn tortillas had a tender chew to them, and the complex and barely sweet mole poblana was as good as it gets. The rice here was more assertively seasoned than most. The refritos were a bit stiff and could have used more lard and liquid. Squiggles of crema and a dusting of queso added richness with nice salad-y garnishes as a counterpoint.

Enchiladas sencillas (2) with chile relleno, $12.99, featured a rich and deep red mole on the enchiladas. These were filled with tender chicken and crowned with delicious sauteed potatoes underneath a blizzard of queso fresco and crema. Oddly, the chile relleno was not good, tasting like it had been fried in old oil days ago and served barely warm inside. The ossified cheese on top looked like it had been reheated too many times and there was no saucing.

Made-to-order corn tortillas accompanied our plates. We were offered handmade flour tortillas as well, but declined because we already had so much food on the table. Stupid decision, as I'm sure they would be terrific too.

The restaurant has been in this location for nearly two years and has a large side room for private events. On our way out, I chatted with the lady owner a bit to find out her background in the biz. She said her parents were the original owners of Huarache King down the street. Then it all made sense . . . tasting Eve's enchiladas poblanas, I had told my friends that they were as good as the best I'd ever had at Huarache King. I had been lamenting the downhill under the new owners, but no more. Now I can just come to Eve's Enchiladas instead. And if I'm ever here on a Saturday night, stay for karaoke too.

Eve's Enchiladas
103 Bassett St,
King City, CA 93930
(831) 385-7599

Huarache King
Eve's Enchiladas
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