extramsg | Dec 24, 200510:33 PM    

Was out escaping the family in Eugene today shopping, etc, and decided to try Vietnam Restaurant on W 11th over across from Nacho's and Staples.

Got the salad rolls ($2.95) and the pho ($5.50 for large) with beef balls and sliced round.

The salad rolls were pretty mediocre at best. Very loosely wrapped, kind of small, no herbs inside really, and a poor peanut sauce. They had both pork and shrimp. Not worth getting.

The pho was better. The noodles were cooked right and weren't stuck together. The side of herbs had nice basil and cilantro, lime, fresh bean sprouts, and jalapeno slices. They served the beef round raw on the side per my request.

The soup wasn't as fragrant with spices as it could be, but it was beefy. It was obviously homemade broth. It could have used the fat being skimmed off some. It was a bit greasy, reminding me of Pho Hung's in Portland. But once the top layer of soup had disappeared into my belly (somewhat coating my lips with fat), the flavor of the soup came through. Definitely enjoyed it. Based on their pho, I'd be interested in trying some of the other soups.

They have some Chinese lunch specials on an otherwise entirely Vietnamese menu. No salads, but most other typical simple fare.

Link: http://www.extramsg.com

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