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Etiquette Course in Tipping, and Misc.

asdf | Nov 6, 2006 02:45 AM

I usually enjoy visiting a few favorite restaurants, where I know what I like and what I can expect from the kitchen and the servers - this channels into what I can expect to tip at the end of the night. But recently I went to an upscale, expensive beyond what my wallet would have liked, kind of restaurant, and unsurprisingly enough, I felt slightly out-of-sorts when it came to the end of the night. Not because I didn't know tips usually average out at 20%, but because when I paid my check, my server asked if I wanted change ...Well certainly I want change, it's still about $25 of it. That confused me, 'cause do these higher-end restaurants simply keep the change, because he couldn't have expected his tip to be that little ..right? And for him to ask that, should I have already included the tip when I paid for my entire check - or is leaving tip on the table still the normal thing to do? Thanks guys for any help clarifying this for me.

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