Entertaining & Etiquette 57

Etiquette: What do you do with the olive pit?

miss_bennet | Mar 28, 200803:26 PM

I had a green salad in a restaurant at lunch today, and there was one, lone reddish olive hidden in it. I ate it, lifted the little cup the dressing came in to my mouth, and allowed the pit to fall into it. But this made me think?

How does one politely eat olives with pits in Western dining?

When I was in China, I remember seeing a woman allow a small bone to fall out of her mouth onto her plate in mid-sentence. I was aghast. But I don't really know how she could have dropped the bone otherwise.

(As an aside, I don't like olives, but I always try them hoping that maybe I will like this time. It was actually ok today.)

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