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Etiquette/changing topics and saying "thank you"?


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Etiquette/changing topics and saying "thank you"?

The Dairy Queen | Jul 7, 2006 06:28 PM

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but is the all of the etiquette under "Getting Started" still applicable?

There's this section about "changing titles"--that's no longer applicable anymore, right?

"Unlike some web communities, we discourage use of subject titles to communicate. So please don't change titles frequently (e.g. "Good Point!" or "Thanks!" or "I Prefer the Chicken!"). Change them only when conversation has digressed to the point where the old title no longer fits."

I'm asking because in the "Green Tea" thread currently bouncing about in "General Topics," I posted a question about powdered green tea, which, as it turns out, is drawing that portion of the thread in a different direction than the original question.

In the old days, I would have changed the topic slightly. Is that still possible? Or, should it have been a new thread altogether? Or, is it fine where it is?

Also, I did a search on the CH etiquette for saying "thank you" and nothing came up. There's nothing in the Getting Started/Etiquette, either. Is it still against the official etiquette to say "thank you" to the replies to a question you've asked if you have nothing else to contribute to the conversation at that point?

Thank you. In advance.


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