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Ethnic Groceries in KC Metro


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Ethnic Groceries in KC Metro

Teague | May 22, 2009 09:06 AM

Yesterday somebody posted an inquiry re: Italian grocery/deli in KC (Answer: Bella Napoli in Brookside; Carollo's in KC River Market), and I thought that KC ethnic groceries in general would be a good thread topic, as a sort of public service (because, I discovered chowhound in the first place by googling "Vietnamese blood sausage" which ended well even though the sources in LA really didn't do me much good). I've only been in KC for 3 years and am still finding my way around.

I go to Werner's on Johnson Dr in downtown Mission for really good rye & pumpernickel bread from several different bakeries. Their house-made potato sausages are excellent, we bring them to almost every Chiefs game. Hmm, speaking of Werners, some german-style brats would taste good tomorrow at our Memorial weekend cookout . . . it's hard to find brats here that aren't that nasty Sheboygan style (Johnsonville, ick - what's up with that??)

I also regularly shop at the 888 Market on 87th St. in Overland Park. It has a pretty decent selection of seafood in addition to all the usual grocery items - they have live fish & will clean them for you (very important!). They're tilapia-sort of fish I think. It's also a reliable source for pig parts (feet, ears) and various oriental greens and broccolini-type vegetables. And duck heads, they seem to sell tons of these. Duck heads look a bit fierce to me, but I see a lot of people buying them when I wait in the checkout line. Anybody know what they're doing with them?

There are several oriental groceries around River Market - does anybody know something about these? I drove by the African market on Main the other day and it looked closed - is it gone? Anyone know another?

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