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Ethnic groceriers for inexpensive coffee?


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Ethnic groceriers for inexpensive coffee?

rworange | Jun 14, 2006 12:47 PM

There are posts from time to time about where to buy inexpensive coffee.

I've been exploring Brazilian food in my area and it seems that the groceries sell inexpensive coffee that, to me, tastes a lot better than anything I've bought in a supermarket.

Café caboclo was $2.99 for 8.8 ounces, but I've seen it online for as low as $2.19.

Sure it doesn't beat fresh ground beans, but is so heads above the cheapest supermarket blend - Don Francesco (about $6 for 13 oz, less on sale.)

My Portuguese is a bit limited but I thinkg Café caboclo is owned by Sarah Lee as are a few of the other Brazilian coffees - Café do Ponto, Café Pilão, Café Seleto, Café União

I wouldn't stake my coffee cred on this coffee, but it surprises me with every sip. It is mellow and doesn't have the acrid, sharp edge most supermarket brands have ... and it costs alot less.

Are there any other coffees out there to look for from other types of ethinic markets?

Maybe not even cheaper, but better. Do Italian groceries sell any particular coffee out of the mainstream? Is there anything in Mexican markets, etc?


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