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New ethnic grocer in ManchVegas, NH


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New ethnic grocer in ManchVegas, NH

Shannon Blaney | Mar 7, 2002 06:29 PM

so- this grocery store, the Spice Center, just opened in the Maple Valley Plaza(245 Maple Street). It bills itself as Asian, Mediterranean, and African Groceries.
Emphasis on the Asian, meaning South Asian- Indian.
They don't have a frozen food section yet- and the very nice woman at the register emphasized that they were still waiting on shipments of stuff.
She saved me from making a mistake- I was purchasing unpeeled black urad beans to make dhosa, and she asked about it, then made sure that i got the peeled version instead. She even gave me a hint or two on how to make dhosa. and her cute little kids followed me around the store, turning the shopping trip into a passive, low key game of hide and seek. well, sort of, and in a good way.

there's a good selection of spices, cheap and in larger quantities than one gets at shop n' save and the like- although one usually can't get most of this stuff at the shop n' save. they also have canned hummus and canned baba ghannoush- $1.39 a can- it's actually pretty good that way. i may be a cretin, but i much prefer it to the more expensive stuff in the refrigerated case at standard grocery stores. when i lived in new orleans, all of the lebanese restaurants served the canned stuff to diners, of course nicely shaped, and garnished with olive oil and parsley. they also carry canned palak paneer, matar paneer(they run about $2.50, give or take .20) and the like, naan, too. all that good stuff. the canned palak paneer isn't near as good as freshly made, but it's not bad, i like it- especially when i'm feeling lazy. i should compare it to that instant indian food in a bag that they sell at trader joes. Get all Penny Power/Consumer Reports on y'all.

i was so excited that i went to the library and checked out an indian cookbook and a morrocan one.

It's right next to the Korean grocery store(Oriental Market?), one plaza down from Saigon Market.

ok- well- thanks for sharing my joy!

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