Estihana - service issues


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Estihana - service issues

Joe Berger | Nov 2, 2005 09:47 PM

I read a few reviews and noticed a common complaint about service. I can't speak much about the food, as we just had a few sushi rolls, but service may still an issue, so you be the judge:

-server brought her udon soup over 3 minutes before bringing me an appetizer that we specifically pointed out earlier to the server to be brought together. needless to say by the time she politely waited to start on her soup, it was already cold.

-30 minutes after our appetizer dishes had been bused, the waiter asks "will there be anything else"; he had completely forgotten to pick up our sushi main course and bring them over to our table. We ordered our mains when we ordered our appetisers nearly 50 minutes earlier.

-server "hands off" the check to me and runs off so quickly that I had to yell at his back for him to take my credit card for processing that I had been waiting to hand him ever since I asked for the check.

This is 100% true experience, no embellishments at all.
It was a mid weed early dinner, the place was only 75% full.

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